Installing an elevator is a collaboration between the elevator company, the client and its agents.

We work with you, your architect and your builder to ensure that the project goes smoothly.

Elevator Boutique  has considerable resources to ensure a successful partnership, every time.

Help Centre

For your guidance, we have a Help Center where experienced technicians are on standby to assist. We use the latest technologies and communication systems to help guide both you and our team.

All your important documents are permanently available via your private login to our dedicated customer online resource, TRIP. In the unlikely event that you misplace a drawing or forgot something, it’s simply  a case of logging into TRIP to get a copy. This also ensures that you only have the current version of any document. Alternatively, we’re available to provide whatever help you need to get the construction site ready for your lift.

To reach our Help Centre, simply call 855 326 8847 to chat with a friendly technician.