The ElfoLift 2 is the world famous and Italian champion ElfoLift, but with smooth automatic side sliding doors.

  • ElfoLift is the best selling swing door elevator in Italy. And now, thanks to a significant change to the European Directives/Manufacturing standard issued by the EU authorities in 2010, sliding doors are added. Our exclusive ElfoLift partner Elevatori Premontati (EP), based in Pisa, has been among the first to incorporate this exciting new feature into its design.
  • EP operates from its new state of the art manufacturing facility near Pisa. EP is recognised for its technological innovations, leadership and is credited with many unique designs.
  • ElfoLift 2 features a larger, stronger motor and enhanced computer controls to ensure it easily and smoothly accelerates to its large full-load (five people) ascending speed of 59fpm (adjustable).
  • Whisper-quiet, smooth operation for this custom elevator.
  • Italy is the centre of excellence for elevators with more than 2000 elevator companies.
  • Elevator Boutique’s ElfoLift 2 is unique, because of its level of comfort and efficiency. Other elevators with single speed control devices simply cannot achieve the same speed while providing a smooth journey.
  • Architects and designers alike love the ElfoLift 2 because it has minimal spatial impact, yet offers maximum flexibility when it comes to design and sizing.
  • Space saving brilliance is achieved by intelligent design and engineering. Slimline landing doors, 5.9” pit depth and a low overhead of 100.3” (whilst still featuring an envy creating 82.6” high ceiling in the cabin).
  • The ElfoLift 2 is offered with optional ‘standout’ designer steel shafts. Suitable for indoors or outdoors, the shafts are custom sized and styled to compliment your home. The quickly assembled shafts are designed to be carried onto site by hand through a regular door opening which makes them perfect for retrofitting.