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Australian, Les Katz had successfully established a home elevator company in Australia where the market was different with Italian made luxury home elevators. Les identified the niche opportunity and moved temporarily to Los Angeles and began to set up Elevator Boutique.

In 2012 Elevator Boutique opened in the Pacific Design Center, West Hollywood with an incredible never seen before showroom. Californians finally got to ride a luxury home elevator and to experience and some of the incredible features and styles Les had developed in Italy.

Les’s dream came true, and a new market for luxurious home elevators supplied with full service was born in California. Getting an upmarket home elevator was easier than ever, through simple systems and an easy reliable process. Leading architects, designers and clients were delighted, and the business grew.

Over the years, hundreds of luxury hotel style home elevators have been supplied and installed in some of the most prestigious homes in the state.

In 2016 Les returned to Australia and management is now by Americans.  The leaders of next generation have taken over.

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