Elevator Boutique has become the most sought after full-service home elevator company by leading architects, builders, designers, and clients in California. 


Our Difference

We have a simple and direct approach on how to deliver a flawless elevator in diverse architectural projects, which is based on a philosophy of trust, listening, support, and clear communication. We understand the individuality of our clients’ needs, and how the masters of building and home design require the best to deliver the desired feeling and functionality of every space. 

Our Success

Our success is built on this philosophy, and is embodied through the dedication, professionalism, and skilled knowledge of our staff. We keep comprehensive records of every project through cloud-based technology, so it appears as if we have a perfect memory.

Our Promise

Elevator Boutique understands that homeowner needs are vastly different from those of commercial buyers, which is why all clients have a dedicated contact person. Your relationship with us is long term, and we are true to our promise of a full-service experience and support from the start. It is more than just an elevator; it is a winning process.

Our Process

Sales and Design

Our designers will help you create the right elevator, personalized to match your style.

Project Planning

After the design is finalized, our manufacturer in Italy will create and ship your elevator.

Installation and Support

Our team will install your elevator and provide 24/7 assistance after installation.

CEO and Chairman, Les Katz