Carla ridge



Located in the exclusive Trousdale Estates, this indoor/outdoor mountain retreat with contemporary E2 sliding door elevator is perfect for this client. 

The mixture of dark RAL matte smooth finishes and Moderna Cabin with surrounding concrete, glass walls and warm woods showcases the harmony and balance that exists between contemporary design and nature. 

This 4-stop E2 sliding door elevator with double entry doors and flush interiors can travel to a gourmet outdoor kitchen, wine cellar, theater, wellness studio and infinity pool at the touch of a button. 

E2 Sliding Door Moderna Cabin

Cabin Size – 41″ x 47″

Configuration – Double Entry

Shaft Structure – Timber

Door Frame Finish – RAL 9017 Matte Smooth

Cabin Interior – RAL 9017 Matte Smooth, Mirror, Brushed Stainless Steel, Vertical flush COP