WHEN WE received a call from a family living abroad about modifying their 3 level Queeenslander so they could move back home, we thought, no harm in looking.

After inspecting the property, we saw no reason why a lift couldn’t be installed going from the lower level garage and then up through the verandah on both levels – it was then that the owner told us that every other lift company they had spoken to had said it would be too hard and Council would be unlikely to give development consent for it.Six months after this first point of contact, we handed over the lift (sure, we introduced the owner to some builders and town planners to facilitate the process along the way but we were happy to help where we could)

The owners are now delighted and have happily relocated back to Australia and have commented on how well the FreedomLift with glass shaft has blended in and matched the style of the original home, it has far surpassed their expectations.

To view the drawings for this lift please click here