FOR THIS Bellevue Hill property, a three level lift with access from two sides was required. As the shaft size was determined by the available space in the home design, the need for size to suit was critical. In this case a car size of 1150mm wide x 940mm deep with adjacent through car entries was the perfect solution. To also accommodate the car size, 900mm wide landing doors were provided on one side and 800mm wide on the other.

The finishes for the lift were mainly from our standard range (plain steel doors with caspim handles, polished stainless steel profiles and vertical car operating panel, bianco white DAMA pattern ceiling and full mirror wall to one side. To provide some custom highlights, one cabin wall was fitted with horizontal slatted timber joinery and the floor was fitted in a matching stone to the rest of the property.

Provided with the fastest allowable speed of 0.3m/s and load capacity of 350kg, this lift has design and performance combined together for a great result.

To view the drawings for this lift please click here