WHEN THIS home was built in Perth’s Bicton several years ago, a lift was considered but not included at the time. Fast forward a few years and the owners decided it would be now beneficial to have the lift. Fortunately the original plans catered for this so with some simple excavations at the rear of the garage, a re-modelling of the laundry and the construction of a shaft at the rear of the house and hey presto, all done.

The 3 level FreedomLift has been fitted with colourback glass walls to match the splashbacks in the kitchen and other feature walls throughout the home. The drive wall of the cabin was broken into three sections to have highlighting polished stainless steel panels which also served to mount the car operating panel on. A timber floor was also included to continue the tie in feel between the lift and the rest of the home.

Overall, a seamless blend has been achieved with the lift looking like it has been there since day one.

To view the drawings for this lift please click here