Big Travel – Little Concern
WITH 8300MM (326″) of travel (approx 50 stairs) from the home down to the waterfront, the owners wanted smarter not harder. The perfect solution was our opposite through car FreedomLift 2 with anodized aluminum shaft. Designed with maximum glass for both the cabin and the shaft, the sense of openness and increased viewing opportunities are just some of the advantages.

In addition to the glass, the other dominant finishes of anodized aluminum, brushed stainless steel, aluminum composite and stone flooring has resulted in a clean and modern addition that is practical, looks good and well suited to the environment it has been installed in.

Also important in the installation of this elevator was fixation at the top of the shaft. This was easily fixed by the addition of engineered cantilevered steel work for us to fix the shaft to but also a framework for a rooftop over the shaft, it’s always important to provide weather protection. Incorporated into this rooftop design was a ventilation system to make sure the temperature inside the shaft did not exceed 40 degrees Celsius as per NCC requirements.

To view the drawings for this elevator please click here


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