FOR THIS new home in Brisbane’s Holland Park spanning four levels (+10m travel), a lift was not an indulgence, it was a must.

With a focus on minimalist clean lines, the 320kg FreedomLift with adjacent entry suited the floorplan of the luxury home perfectly. Finishes included natural anodised aluminium doors/frames and cabin profiles (DBC 09), milk white glass (DBM 74) on the landing doors and one cabin wall (the other cabin wall was brushed stainless steel (DBB 81)), white stone flooring (DBF 10), polished silver ceiling and lighting (DBD 03) and combination handrail/car operating panel (DBK 02). The ever popular slimline door handle (DBL 20) also complimented the door furniture throughout the home.

To accommodate the timber and steel frame construction of the home, the load bearing wall of the shaft consisted of 2 vertical steel beams with the outside walls being constructed in timber stud work and lined on both sides with impenetrable cladding.

To view the drawings for this lift please click here