Boarding House Retrofit

ENSURING THAT the best amenities possible were provided, a retrofit was undertaken to this Boarding House to ensure access was easily available to all three levels.

Due to some building constraints and space limitations, independent approval and certification was given for the installation of an ElfoLift swing door lift (note that a larger size ElfoLift2 would have normally been required in a project like this). To assist with some of the building constraints, we also provided our bones only galvanised steel shaft (smaller footprint and less works by others).

The lift fitout included the following finishes: powdercoated RAL 3005 steel doors with panoramic clear glass panels and position indicators, Avorio PPS11 steel skinplate wall panels, 600mm brushed stainless steel handrail and two vertical car operating panels with position indicators, half height mirror to the rear wall, carpet flooring by client, and voice announciation at each level as well as an acoustic signal.

The cabin for this project was the minimalist Moderna Design which has flush car operating panels/corner profiles and without skirting.