WHEN THIS high-end builder was designing his own home in the ACT, attention to detail throughout was essential. Inclusive to the overall design was a centrally placed lift shaft in a standout feature colour and wrap-around glass staircase.

The lift itself was the ever popular ElfoLift with a 1200mm x 1200mm size cabin finished with brushed stainless steel walls/profiles and handrail, full height mirror, polished stainless steel pattern ceiling and purple stone floor (Cristallino 455). The anodized aluminium doors with milk white glass were finished off at each level with wraparound stainless steel reveals for the perfect blend with other finishes in the home. Covering 4 levels and finishing at the roof top terrace, it was a pleasure to contribute to the grandeur of the lovely property.

Was the builder happy ? – he’s just ordered three more lifts for his next development so we take that as a YES

To view the drawings for this lift please click here