THE REFURBISHMENT of the Westpac Centre at Olympic Park – home of the Collingwood Football Club also included a massive upgrade to the gymnasium and training area.

Of special design criteria, the Architects were mindful of providing disabled access to both floors of the area but making sure the visibly located lift was value adding too – they weren’t disappointed.

For this project, we provided an Elfo 2 with a powdercoated steel and glass clad shaft. Maximum use of glass panelling was supplied for the lift cabin and the landing and cabin doors to make the most of the vision offered by the glass shaft. To offset the glass, brushed stainless steel was also used for the cabin walls, the doors and also the outside cabin cladding. Non-slip black studded rubber was provided for both safety and practical purposes.

Of particular importance with this installation was the fixation needed at the roof of the shaft for stability, no mean feat given the roof of the Centre was several metres higher than the shaft itself. The engineered solution was found in the use of a four sided steel brace with diagonal high tension stainless steel cables connecting all corners tightly together. The end result was a goal between the posts for strength, looks and accessibility.