THIS COOGEE (WA) based husband and wife builder team have seen many projects and for this their retirement home, they wanted to incorporate all the best features they had seen through their many years in the construction industry. To accommodate the large extended family, space was important as was practicality. As the palatial home covers three levels, it made sense that a lift was also included as part of the practical design focus.

Adding to this, the lift was designed with a large cabin size of 1100mm wide x 1400mm deep and generous load capacity of 350kg. Given the Elfo has a standard cabin height of 2100mm just added to the feeling of spaciousness. All three landing doors were finished in high gloss RAL 7043 (traffic grey powdercoat) and panoramic fume glass panels. The inside of the cabin was fitted with similinox skinplate walls and polished stainless steel profiles and vertical car operating panel. To emphasise the high ceiling, it was supplied in a polished stainless steel for enhanced reflection with LED downlights.

The owners are so happy with their new lift, they have even been allowing us to bring other potential clients through to see and feel for themselves.

To view the drawings for this lift please click here