Cherished family home + treasured memories + great location +multi-levels = NO PROBLEM

As stairs become an issue in existing multi-level homes, clients often approach us to explore the options available for future proofing their homes to overcome this difficulty. With a collaboration between our experienced team, the clients and often their Architects and Builders, we have had the privilege and pleasure of providing many clients with convenient access at the push of a button.

We have a variety of different shaft options available, depending on the look and budget, or the builder can provide it as part of their works.

In locations far and wide, even Norfolk Island, we have worked on simple to complex retro-fits. Sometimes a convenient void has been available in stairwells, at other times the lift may need to be located on the outside of the home or some reworking of interior rooms may be required. Regardless, the final outcome has always been well received and appreciated for the convenience, the value added and recognised as a great cost saver compared to the alternative of relocating.

So if you are also considering moving due to the stairs, talk to us first, you may be surprised at how easy it can be.