WHEN ELEVATOR BOUTIQUE was approached at the very beginning of the design stage for a proposed development being planned at the top of a hill, it was clear that there were many access issues to be accommodated.

Working with the designers, developers and builders, we were able to come up with recommendations for two of the four units to provide outstanding integrated access from the lower level garages as well as matching the overall decor of maximum glass for viewing purposes both within the homes and also towards the distant city views.

The newly released (at the time) Elfo 2 was the chosen product for both dwellings due to the flexibility in sizing, the range of finishes available and the ability to have the drive/running gear to the rear.

To have uniformity in the development, the finishes chosen for both units were the same, namely, Siminilinox and transparent glass landing and cabin doors, combination of panoramic glass cabin walls with handrails and Similinox skinplate cabin walls, complimented by mirror finish stainless steel profiles and horizontal car operating panels. The builder provided his own tile flooring to match the flooring elsewhere in the homes. As the outside cabin walls were visible, additional stainless steel trims were fitted here as well – at Elevator Boutique  we make sure the home elevator look great both inside and outside.

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