MRS MCCULLOUGH needs reliability and quality, it is why she carefully considered all lift companies before selecting us. The remote location of her home meant that a solid, reliable machine is required. Budget was not the consideration in this important project.

Now Mrs McCullough can easily get around her home in her ElfoLift supplied and installed exclusively by Lift Shop. It was supplied with a steel shaft which made construction quicker in this timber home. In fact the entire lift was installed and completed in 5 days.


The logistics regretfully were considerable more difficult with the lift travelling from Pisa to La Spezia (Italy) by truck and then on to Sydney by ship, by road to Port Macquarie, by ship again to the island of Norfolk where it was taken again by truck to the property.

When it comes to a remote location such as this and a high dependence situation, a trapped passenger or problem would be disastrous. Even though we have a substantial service fleet, our fastest drivers could not get there quickly enough (the car would probably sink). Naturally to mitigate the risks great care was taken to select the right machine and lift company.

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