AN ESTABLISHED furniture and homewares brand since 1981 based on great design and great style, Freedom. True to that concept, enter Supermec and Glass Shaft for the perfect limited mobility access lift for the flagship Balgowlah store.

With a focus on maximum visibility, one side and rear wall of the cabin were provided in full glass panels as well as the shaft also being clad in glass. The drive wall of the cabin, landing and cabin doors and profiles were all done in the same very popular F41PPS (a simulated brushed stainless steel skinplate that looks fantastic). For contrast, the ceiling was done in a white high gloss with cold white LED spotlights. For compliance with AS1735.12, two car operating panels were required, in this case we supplied both a vertical and a horizontal one.

As a machine roomless lift, the traction driven Supermec only requires a compact cabinet to hold the controller and its energy efficient operating batteries. With a small footprint of only 420mm x 215mm x 2100mm, it was easy to locate it at the rear of the shaft and then nicely disguised with the application of bricklike covering.

A stunning showpiece and a pleasure working with the same owner again Bing Lee – and associated with another well recognized brand.

From the owners:

“My Dear Lift Shop people,

The Lift at Freedom is going great and looks great, we are all so pleased. I reiterate my appreciation to all and especially Brendan, Barry and Chris, job well done.”