WITH beautiful bush land acting as the backyard for this impressive home, the setting for this elevator was one many would only dream of. The owners of this home have done a remarkable job incorporating the natural stone found on the site. Throughout the home natural sandstone can be found as feature walls and as a clever design feature on the staircase.

When presented with a home as tasteful and impeccably designed as this property, the owners wanted to stay true to its character when installing a home elevator to connect all 5 floors of the spacious residence. As well as the aesthetics of the elevator, one of the main requests of the owners was a battery powered lift capable of continuous running in the unfortunate event of a power failure, due to the remote location. With these requirements in mind our Supermec was the perfect fit. With the help of our experienced consultant, the owners chose polished stainless steel car and landing doors. The cabin of the elevator features unique Avorio skinplates on the walls while also incorporating a half mirror above the handrail on one side.

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