ENJOYING AN elevated position close to Brisbane, this futuristic designed builder’s own home has been finished to a very high end level of detail. Not the least of these details being the 3 level E1 and the finishes selected for it.

The anodised aluminium doors with frosted glass allow filtered light into the spacious 1100mm wide x 1400mm deep cabin – the 2100mm high cabin itself has both side walls in high gloss 0509 from the Arpa range with a full height mirror to the rear wall. As an additional highlight, both the vertical car operating panel and handrail are polished stainless steel. As an individual touch, the cabin floor has been tiled with high gloss tiles with complimentary border.

With a comfortable +4 person load capacity and fastest travel speed of 0.3m/s, the lift has provided both convenience and added luxury to an already magnificent home.

To view the drawing for this project please click here