A COLLABORATION between the design team at C M Hairis Architects, construction by Evidis Construction  and sales/design/installation by the Elevator Boutique team resulted in a stylish streamlined integration of the elevator into the home design. The elevator shaft provides a distinctive corner to the home and a perfect opportunity to have maximum glass and views of the private courtyard and the surround pond.

Sitting within the glass shaft, the ElfoLift 2 serves the three levels of the home and the finishes were deliberately kept clean and classy with maximum use of brushed stainless steel and full size glass panels for the cabin walls as well as the doors. The cabin was given striking contrasts with the brown marble floor and the Labirint pattern ceiling and the car operating panel was fitted with a Dedalo digital position indicator.

It was great to be involved in another exciting project with an emphasis on a high level of precision to the overall design.

To view the drawing for this project please click here