KRSLOVIC HOMES was one of the many high end builders to establish a new display home at the latest Homeworld Exhibition Village at Kellyville. Understanding the growing trend that home lifts has become, Krslovic Homes felt that it was essential that their new display must include a lift, we agreed.

To do their display proud, our 350kg ElfoLift with 1000 x 1300 cabin size and fastest allowable speed of 0.3m/s was selected. The cabin was fitted with one galvanised wall (to allow custom finishes to be applied locally), full height mirror to the rear with brushed stainless steel handrail, full size panoramic glass wall compete with stainless steel external trims to the side wall, custom flooring and polished stainless steel ceiling with LED downlights. To finish it all off, the landings were fitted with natural anodised aluminium doors with transparent glass and our popular Caspim handles

Being the only lift to be displayed at Homeworld just proves that there is only one choice when it comes to choosing your lift supplier for that special project.

To view the drawings for this lift please click here