WITH FASTIDIOUS attention to detail, this elegant old home was more than restored to its former beauty when it had the addition of a beautiful but discrete modern home elevator and glass shaft.

Designed to make the most of the lovely surrounds, the ElfoLift 2 was fitted with two glass walls, glass landing and cabin doors and glass shaft to maximise all viewing possibilities (a glass panel was also provided alongside the landing doors so the running gear was visible). This design concept also has the advantage of minimising any sense of claustrophobia. For perfect continuity, the landing and cabin doors were painted in the same powdercoat colour (RAL 9005) as the shaft. Inside the cabin, a combination of Similinox skinplate (F12PPS) and brushed stainless steel gave an elegant and classy feel.

To ensure adequate bracing/stiffness was provided for the shaft, cross bracing members were included, an effective but also striking artistic detail. Other small but important finishing details included outside cladding to the cabin, roof covering, a security keypad access and our new blue coloured buttons.

With a contrasting blend between the old and the new and with easy access from the garage to the home, everything’s been taken care of.

To view the drawings for this home elevator please click here