Saving the Best for Last 

WHEN ELEVATOR Boutique was appointed to provide 5 elevators (3 Supermecs and 2 Elfos) for a prestigious new development, we were impressed by the quality being sought by the owner/developer. It was clear that any new owner of these properties would be getting a first class piece of real estate and the inclusions throughout would be second to none – the elevators included.

For each elevator selected, a combination of premium factory finishes and local customization resulted in outstanding home elevators that would satisfy even the most discerning buyer.

Then the owner finished off the final property for his own family home…

When we saw how the Supermec with polished stainless steel trim, glass walls and panoramic glass doors had been completed with local customisation, we knew that we were dealing with a true master. The attention to detail and how seamlessly our Italian manufactured elevator had worked in with these final finishes made us proud that we have a range of elevators that can be integrated into any situation, regardless of the style being chosen.

Don’t hesitate to discuss your wish list with one of our experienced sales and design consultants, we have a vast level of experience that we would love to share with you to help you also realise your dream.

To view the drawings for these home elevators please click here


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