AFTER BEING referred to us by a friend who had already had one of our lifts installed, the owner of this home contacted us for the finishing touch to an extensive renovation, an outstanding eye-catching lift sitting at the front of the property.

With a beautiful frameless glass shaft supplied by the builder, we installed a three level adjacent through car ElfoLift with top of the range finishes, including walls and ceiling from our special Stainless Steel Collection (Inox Striped Blue), manufactured stone floor, full size glass wall and off-setting brushed stainless steel profiles and handrail. To make the most of the glass shaft see-through views, the anodized aluminium landing doors were all supplied with transparent glass panels.

For sensible weather protection, a frameless glass awning was provided at the lower level, practical and looks great (for more examples of other awnings our clients have provided see Undercover

To view the drawings for this lift please click here