River Views
THE OWNER of this new home traveled to all the corners of the world in preparation for fitting out his new home overlooking the river. Whilst on these travels he discovered our Elevator Boutique showroom in West Hollywood and once he saw our top of the range Supermec, he knew that was the elevator for him.

For convenience, he was then able to deal with our sales and design team in our showroom and from there it was simply a matter of choosing his finishes. In this case they comprised: 1100mm (43.3″) wide x 1400mm (55.1″) deep cabin, 480kg (1058lbs) load capacity, Avorio skinplate walls and cabin doors, full height mirror with handrail, polished stainless steel profiles and vertical car operating panel and F41PPS skinplate landing doors with striking polished stainless steel frames.

To view the drawing for this project please click here


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