FOR THE renovation of this older style building fronting Manly Cove, the owners had a definite vision for each of the three levels of the home including the impact statement of the lift.

To minimise possible loads/forces being placed on the older dwelling, our galvanised steel bones only shaft was the perfect choice for the load bearing shaft – the minimal footprint compared to a blockwork equivalent was also beneficial. The use of galvanised steel for the cabin construction was also maximised to provide a rustic and distinct décor style. These finishes were highlighted by the two mirror walls as well as one glass wall providing a direct vision panel of the exposed brickwork inside the shaft. The floor of the cabin was finished locally in timber to match the home’s flooring and the subtle control buttons were installed directly into the corner cabin profiles.

As space was limited, the compact cabin size of only 770mm wide x 820mm deep was perfect for providing convenient access whilst still carrying a generous load of 300kg.

However, the real impact was achieved by finishing each landing door in a completely different style. The first level, included surrounding architecture, provided a perfect replica of an old style steel safe. The second level had a black mesh panel fitted over the panoramic glass panel whilst the upper bedroom level was left untouched to leave the clean lines of the powdercoated steel and glass easily visible.

Keeping it interesting as always, boring is so boring.

To view the drawings for this lift please click here