Stone Feature
For this property no compromises were made, as such the best product for the job was Elevator Boutique’s E2 sliding door home elevator.

On the ground level, the owners opted to clad the shaft in a striking blue stone, which was contrasted by our frameless white milk glass doors.

To offset the shaft, the owners selected an elegant pallet which included:

Walls – RHS Italian Skinplate – Similinox F12PPS , LHS Italian Skinplate – Similinox F12PPS

Profiles and COP – Polished Stainless Steel

Ceiling – Four Spots LED – Italian Skinplate – Similinox F12PPS

Floor – Stone – Rock Solid – 630

Cabin Design – Classica

Cabin Size – 1100mm (43.3″) x 1400mm (55.1″)

Travel – 5950mm (234″)

Shaft Structure – By Builder

Shaft Cladding – By Builder

Configuration – Opposite

Stops – 3

End result – simply stunning!



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