WHEN THE owners of this lovely seaside home decided on a makeover, they gave a simple brief to their designer, NANTUCKET

This newly emerging design style, based on the New England seaside holiday homes of the Boston elite is a relaxed but classy effect.

Loyal to the theme, the owners therefore wanted to make sure that the elevator they chose was also going to be in keeping with this style – customization was key to their product choice.

When they saw what was possible with Elevator Boutique’s, Italian manufactured Supermec, they knew they had found exactly what they were looking for.

The owners were delighted with the finished product which provided a combination of timber panelling, decorative plasterwork and stainless steel highlights.

NB: Behind the scenes (plaster), the owners also chose one of Elevator Boutique’s steel shafts as it was easier than building one out of masonry in an existing home.

To view the drawings for this elevator please click here