Tailor Made 

THE OWNERS of this stunning new home in Sydney had a very clear vision of how they wanted the lift to be incorporated into their design.

With an emphasis on maximum glass and gloss, the three level traction drive Supermec 3 was fitted out with the following top of the range finishes: full size glass and mirror walls without any horizontal midrails, polished black stainless steel for the drive side cabin wall, frameless glass landing and cabin doors with powdercoated door frames. To not distract from the beautiful doors, the landing buttons were built into the shaft wall rather than within the door frames themselves. The overall luxurious look was achieved with polished stainless steel profiles offsetting everything.

To make the most of these stunning finishes, the shaft was built with full size glass panels to match the glass cabin wall and additional glass observation panels were added to each level above the door openings – great for additional light, vision and architectural statement.

To view the drawing for this project please click here


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