WHEN OUR imaginative client said he wanted to renovate his home to reflect a style of décor from his original Ireland, he wanted a product that could be easily adapted and customised to achieve this.

Once he started talking to our sales and design team based in Brisbane’s Build And Design Centre, he knew he was in the right place. Servicing only two levels, the single entry Elfolift was fitted out with DT29 Beige skinplate walls and ceiling and the landing doors finished in a simple light powdercoat colour. Making a striking entrance into the upper level living room, the shaft was fitted with timber trims to match the timber theme elsewhere in the room, not the least being the centrally located well stocked bar. At the lower level, a raised platform was built to create a pit and level foyer area directly in front of the lift and the machine cabinet area.

Every man’s home is his castle

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