Thrice is Nice

We love working with forward thinking developers who understand the importance of making their properties as attractive to the market as possible. It therefore made perfect sense to provide all three vertical apartments with their very own elevators, even better to also include glass shafts to overlook the landscaped gardens and plunge pools.

To ensure visual consistency, all three elevators and shafts were decorated in the same style of RAL 7022 powdercoated shafts and doors, maximum transparent glass to all areas, Grigio PPS1 skinplate drive wall and profiles and car operating panels in F41PPS skinplate. As there was only one face to attach the shafts to, we also provided steel cross bracing members for additional stability.

As always where we provide glass cabins, the outside profiles and cabin roof were also clad to ensure the view from the outside was just as good.

To view the drawings for this project click here


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