WANTING TO make access between the 2 levels of this home just that little easier, the owners and builder worked with our sales and design team to achieve just that.

Making the most of the space available, the resulting cabin of 1100mm (43.3″) wide x 1200mm (47.1″) deep is just perfect and with a load capacity of 350kg (771lbs), +4 passengers can travel comfortably. In addition, the combination of one full mirror, 2 high gloss Arpa (2206 vg LUC) walls and brushed stainless steel finishes and black studded rubber provides a classy but understated appeal. With F41PPS film-wrapped skinplate doors on both the landings and the cabin, the blend of finishes has worked beautifully.

Finally, to minimise the impact within the rooms, the door frames were concealed by the home’s walls and the landing buttons were installed into the walls instead of the usual door frame mounted positions.

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