A PROJECT of love and dedication left no detail to chance and the resulting property in Brisbane’s Newstead is nothing short of amazing. Character packed and full of charm, the centrally placed FreedomLift and glass shaft and wraparound staircase takes pride of place in both living areas and connects both floors seamlessly.

With an emphasis on clean lines, the builder supplied glass shaft and glass lift car works beautifully together and makes for a stunning architectural feature. As the owner wanted to keep the space taken by the lift to a minimum, a cabin size of 800mm x 800mm was more than adequate, especially with the open feeling offered by the two glass cabin walls. To integrate the lift and the rest of the home, the cabin was fitted with matching timber floorboards.

To work in the with the raked ceiling and to also provide fixation at the top of the lift, a capping was provided at the top of the shaft – practical and architecturally eye-catching.

To view the drawings for this lift please click here