ALL IT takes is vision, sensible planning discussions and collaboration with a lift company that knows what they are doing and the rest is easy.

In this Sylvania Waters property, the proud owners were finding the four levels of their existing split level home were becoming a little difficult to navigate daily. But after seeing Lift Shop’s experience with other similar makeovers, the owners had no problem with deciding they could do the same and continue to enjoy their well-loved family home.

After deciding on the best location to suit the 1100mm wide x 1120mm deep adjacent through car ElfoLift , excavation, jackhammering and demolition commenced. As the home was largely built of brick veneer construction, the best solution for creating a load bearing wall was the use of a steel ladder type wall (for other similar examples see Load Bearing Walls. As the onsite work progressed, manufacture of the lift in the purpose built Italian factory also proceeded. In a few very short months, all the work was completed in preparation for the lift installation, the materials were delivered to site in components small enough to be carried through a normal door opening, the lift was installed and commissioned over a few weeks and the rest as they say is history.

If you have a similar story, talk to us, we would love to provide guidance and recommendations of what we could do for you too.

To view the drawings for this lift please click here