Crest Court



This private French country estate with lush landscape gardens and spacious sports court needed an elevator as unique as its home. 

The E1 Swing Door with wood cladding and bi-fold glass cabin doors offer a more classic design with modern elements like the flush COP and brushed stainless steel finishes. 

The cabin finishes with 1/2 steel panel and glass in Bianco Milk Latte ensure that this Moderna Cabin is one of a kind. 

E1 Swing Door Moderna Cabin 

Cabin Size – 40″ x 53″

Configuration – Double Entry, Adjacent Opening

Shaft Structure – Timber

Door Frame Finish – Brushed Stainless Steel F41PPS, Automatic Folding Door, Long Style Handle, Wood Cladding by Client

Cabin Interior – Brushed Stainless Steel F41PPS, Bi-Fold Transparent Glass, 1/2 Glass Bianco Milk Latte, Flush Vertical COP, Floor by Client