Try Before You Buy

TESTING THE actual lift, rather than selecting from brochures and websites is essential for an educated purchase decision.

The lift is a fixture built into the property and is difficult to replace. Buyers remorse for this long term decision is costly, so getting to know your supplier is important. Educated purchasers make wise decisions.

Lift Shop appreciates this and is committed to your education. We encourage you to visit one of our five showrooms, which have working lifts and finishes examples on display. The showrooms have been upgraded this year to demonstrate the latest designs, styles, models and technologies available from Italy.

The benefits of visiting our showrooms include:

  • The sales and design team speak English not Jargon, no pressure or confusion – guaranteed!
  • The team will educate you on the process and design for a unique custom lift
  • Truly experience the value and quality of the lift products and range – compare the differences
  • Feel the smooth, quiet, fast ride
  • Meet the team you will be working with – it’s a long term relationship
  • Understand and have demonstrated the state of the art safety features
  • Get a real feel for the cabin construction, sizes, space and finish options
  • Learn about steel shafts, landing door types and different door systems
  • Really know what you are getting (remove the guess work)

You wouldn’t buy a car off a brochure – make a showroom visit a part of the decision making process – avoid disappointment. Our experience is that well informed customers make good decisions.

We look forward to meeting and welcoming you to our showrooms to try the lifts in a relaxed, informal, educational environment – with great Italian coffee.


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