Experience You Can Trust

Serving Many Masters

 We serve the great masters of building and home design. We love it.

We report to those who demand the very best – for their creations!

  • Architects
  • Designers 
  • Builders 

Have a vision and a dream.  

They want everything to work the way it is designed, reliably and safely.  They do not want to get called back.  When the home is handed to the owner, the elevator responsibility remains with us at Elevator Boutique and we remain on to serve.

We appreciate your requirements which is why Elevator Boutique is now the first choice for new home visionaries. 

We are already in some of the most luxurious homes in California, and we like to think the building greats of the past would have used us too!

We look forward to meeting with you and working for you.

The Trusted Home Elevator Supplier

Trusted is the most critical factor for home elevator clients.

Without trust – you cannot:

  • Travel in the elevator – these are potentially dangerous machines.
  • Have the elevator in the house you are responsible for – it reflects on your skills.
  • Be certain about the features and performance of your elevator.
  • Know who you are really dealing with.
  • Be assured of long term support for service and emergencies.

Referrals matter.

Elevator Boutique thrives on our existing relationships and repeat business.

Architects and Designers choose us because they understand that TRUST IS VALUABLE and that when the job is finished, they won’t be called back.

Learn independently who can be trusted before you commit.















Humble Beginnings




In 1996 Les Katz established a luxury home elevator company in Australia that became the industry leader.

The same gap in the market existed in California and so Elevator Boutique opened in 2012 with an incredible showroom in West Hollywood. Californians finally had an opportunity to experience quality luxury home elevators for themselves.

With simple yet thorough systems and an easy process, buying an upmarket home elevator is now straight forward.  We have the skill and expertise to manage the many interests whilst providing the Wow factor.

Leading architects, designers, and clients are delighted, and the business has grown throughout California.

With many hundreds of successful installations and delighted clients in the USA, the company is now entering into its 9th year of business and is in the process of moving to a new and bigger showroom.

Discover our expanded product range and experience the Elevator Boutique difference.

The Electric Home Elevator Leader

Evolution is normal.  Revolutions are big. 

The new electric drive elevators are revolutionary. 

It eliminates the machine room space, the oil cylinder, ride jerkiness, speed, noise and most of the other issues of a  traditional hydraulic drive system.

Like we did with in-cabin self-rescue and more.
Elevator Boutique remains the lead innovator. 

Unbeatable Value = Savings to The Client

The Formula

Quality Elevator Machinery 
Ultra-reliable and premium components and testing, proven history, stable manufacturing supply chain, great design

Large Volumes 
(Elevator Boutique sells more elevators than the others, so our freight efficiencies etc, are best, buying power is a lower cost

Overhead costs shared by 5 offices, 700+ new elevator clients and thousands of routine service clients meaning lower costs per elevator

Comprehensive staff training and great pay to talent

 Properly capitalized
with no debt

No Hidden Extras
Industries biggest complaint and biggest waste of time.  So we avoid it.  It’s not worth it.


The Relationship is Long Term

Your home elevator supplier is a member of your personal services team.
It’s a relationship.

Elevator Boutique clients buy more than an elevator; they get the full-service experience.  

The relationship starts with meeting the designers before you commit. Our designers assist in creating the right elevator, personalized to your requirements.

Detailed drawings are prepared by the engineers of your elevator, who manufacture it in Italy once approved.

The construction support team, site managers and installation teams will assist in site preparation, then ship your elevator to site and install it at the agreed time.

The service department provides 24/7 support after that with lifetime parts coverage available.

At Elevator Boutique you are cared for before, during and after the installation process.
It’s more than just an elevator, it’s a winning process, that creates a great relationship. 

Smart Systems
Scale but Personal

Homeowners want personal contact, trust, discretion and reliability.  The elevator is part of their home, and we are part of their personal service team who cares. 

Elevator Boutique has been careful to develop its systems so that personal contact is not lost, despite the size and scale of the business.

Economies of scale mean business stability and efficiency, yet we are still locally focused, and genuinely care. We track everything through cloud-based technology and keep detailed records, (so our memory appears perfect).

All clients have a dedicated contact person who takes care of you. The needs of a homeowner are very different from those of a commercial buyer.  We understand that. 

In The News

Elevator Boutique has been making the news for home elevators since 2012.

As a lead innovator in the home elevator market place, this link allows you to see some of the American industry’s progress through the eyes of others.