Our Story

Elevator Boutique has become the most sought-after home elevator company by leading architects, builders, designers, and clients in California. Our designs are most prevalent in Southern California, while currently expanding our footprint into San Francisco, Las Vegas, and New York.

We have a simple and direct approach on how to deliver a flawless elevator in diverse architectural projects, which is based on a philosophy of trust, listening, support, and clear communication. We understand the individuality of each clients’ needs, and how the masters of building and home design require the very best to deliver the desired feeling and functionality of every space.

Our success is built on this philosophy, and is embodied through the dedication, professionalism, and skilled knowledge of our staff. Your relationship with us is long term, and we are faithful to our promise of a full-service experience and support from the start.

Elevator Boutique understands that homeowner needs are vastly different from those of commercial buyers, which is why all clients have a dedicated contact person. We keep comprehensive records of every project through cloud-based technology, so it appears as if we have a perfect memory. It is more than just an elevator; it is a winning process and that creates a great relationship.

The Electric Home Elevator Leader

Evolution is normal.  Revolutions are big. 

The new electric drive elevators are revolutionary. 

It eliminates the machine room space, the oil cylinder, ride jerkiness, speed, noise and most of the other issues of a  traditional hydraulic drive system.

Like we did with in-cabin self-rescue and more.
Elevator Boutique remains the lead innovator. 

In The News

Elevator Boutique has been making the news for home elevators since 2012.

As a lead innovator in the home elevator market place, this link allows you to see some of the American industry’s progress through the eyes of others.