IN MARCH 2012 we opened in West Hollywood’s prestigious Pacific Design Center.  Our international expansion was in response to the demand for our unique home lift designs that we were getting over the internet.  We opened Elevator Boutique, so that Californian’s could also enjoy our specialist Aussie know how.

On reflection, its been a fantastic and at times challenging experience. We have had to learn a “new” language and the imperial system, get new licenses and pass local exams, train new installers, maintainers and designers and educate clients on our specialist and superior system. Proudly, we have satisfied 100’s of clients and have sold elevators throughout Southern and Northern California and also in New York, Hawaii, Nevada and Canada.

The business continues in the capable hands of our American team with ongoing support from Australia and Italy. Today Elevator Boutique is recognised as the premium home elevator specialist and our lifts/ elevators are found in some of the most incredible homes.

We look forward to more happy clients and success in the future.