Coronavirus (Covid-19)

The Coronavirus (Covid-19) is on our minds too, and we are monitoring and preparing for all eventualities.


  • There is nothing to worry about for now, but it could change.
  • Obviously nobody can guarantee that our lives or elevator contract will not be affected by the Coronavirus.


  • It is business as usual for us although we draw your attention to the following:
  • Despite what you hear about Italy, our factory is operating at normal capacity and sending completed elevators as planned and on time. Click here for the full letter from our factory .
  • Shipping has not been affected.
  • Our installers are installing as normal, but practicing safe hygiene and are instructed to ask if everything is ok on site daily. If it is not, they will leave site for safety. They also have masks that they can wear if you want them to, and will offer to do so.
  • Our service techs are all carrying cleansing wipes and masks.  We will ask you if there is any risk factor for our men to attend, and will defer the service if so. Our service technician will also wear his mask for your comfort and ask at arrival if all is safe.  If not we will reschedule.
  • Our offices are set up to work from home should the need arise but are currently operating normally.
  • The showroom at the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood is open.

If you have any questions, please contact us and if the situation changes we will notify you promptly.

As always at Elevator Boutique, Safety is Paramount and we don’t take any chances with your or our safety.

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Customer Reviews
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