Lift Shop is thrilled with the expansion of the custom built software TRIP (named for Tracking, Reporting, Informing and Planning). Lift Shop’s TRIP is a sophisticated client and lift management web based information system. This integrated package is live through all our offices Australia and USA wide and to our clients and supplier partners world wide.  TRIP contains all information about every single lift project.

Clients login through a secure connection and are able to view and download drawings, specifications, key account information, service details and other useful information – naturally this is live and accessible 24/7.

Lift Shop’s leading technologies apply to both the lift products and the lift delivery and maintenance management system.   As a modern company, we choose environmentally friendly, real time, clever electronic based tracking rather than the cumbersome paper based checklist systems that were popular in the 1990s (and arguably added more costs than benefits – modern quality systems are the way forward).

The new mobile interface permits clients to view all their critical documents on a mobile device like the iPhone.

TRIP featured in Luxury Home Design – in focus.