The Safest Elevators

Because safety is Paramount.

It is most important. It is not negotiable for clients or staff.  

Elevator Boutique has an enviable safety record for this reason.

The elevators have numerous safety features, so have them all demonstrated at your showroom visit.

A full list of the safety features is found in the elevator section.

In-Cabin Self Rescue, rescue from the machine space, emergency communication, power failure sensing lowering, and more.

They are all different, but all critical to your safety.

Not all elevators are equal.  Make sure you get the best.

In-Cabin Self-Rescue

How it works – In the event of a minor failure:

The battery backed-up computer checks the landing doors for locked status. (it must be locked).

If the elevator is not in its emergency brakes, the passenger presses and holds two buttons together and the elevator slowly moves to floor level and unlocks the door for a safe exit.

 Don’t wait for rescue, get yourself out!