Six Easy Steps to your Custom Lift Design

1. Learn about lifts Visit, visit a showroom, read the catalogues, and review the online Galleries and amazing Stories of completed lift projects. TRY BEFORE YOU BUY!

Know your supplier

2. Quote by Lift Shop We understand your project. A custom specification is quoted to match your wants.  This locks in the geometry, price and basic finishes. Construction and planning can commence. DO A GREAT DEAL FOR YOU!

Check inclusions and exclusions

3. Agree preliminary design The start of the detailed design. Our team will help you expand on the quote to select the components, features and finishes for finalising the design. HAVE FUN!

It’s yours so enjoy the luxury and style

4. Finalise documents The start on site date is confirmed, the final specifications and all other details are confirmed. ITS NOT HARD,

Good planning is best

5. Confirm Final design The final design is formally agreed upon, and the Final Design Drawing of your custom lift model is issued for your approval. LOCK IT IN.
6. Finishing Your final design installed on time and on budget.

Lift Shops team at work with your agents.