The Copper House

Queensland, Australia


Lift Shop Australia teamed up with renowned architect Paul Uhlmann for this award-winning hilltop home, also recognized as the Copper House, spans three levels just above Gold Coast’s famous surf beach.

The curved copper exterior and natural materials designed to replicate the coastline waves required an elevator that blurs the lines between the outside and inside living space. 

A glass shaft E1 Swing Door creates an airy and spacious design with the visual comforts of ocean views. This 3-stop E1 transports this family from upper level bedrooms, to entertainment room and pool, and garage for quick access to grab surfboards and head to the beach. 


E1 Swing Door Classica Cabin 

Cabin Size – 37″ x 45″

Configuration – Single Opening

Shaft Structure – Timber

Door Frame Finish – RAL 9005 Matte Smooth, Glass Transparent

Cabin Interior – Brushed Stainless Steel, Vertical Flush COP, Glass Transparent