Elevator Boutique only sells proven elevators to ensure consistency and certainty for critical issues:

  • Elevator lifespan, quality and design
  • Spare parts and materials
  • Technical training, installation methods and servicing
  • Safety and regulations including government approvals

Co-ordinated elevator development and planned logical innovation are necessary to ensure clients are never abandoned with a strange or experimental product (or feature.) Something that’s sometimes forgotten by those less capable and unable to keep up in a fast-moving world.

Italy’s leader, EP has been our exclusive home elevator supplier since 2003. We have a fantastic relationship with EP. EP is the largest and most successful premium home elevator manufacturer in Italy and manufactures thousands of units annually. EP outsells all others in Italy, the home of premium domestic elevator manufacture.

IGV, the manufacturer of Domuslift ceased production on 20 April 2018 due to financial distress. A timely reminder of the importance and ramifications of knowing who you are dealing with. Make sure your elevator manufacturer will be there until the end of your warranty period.

Ensure the distributor has a history of selling and servicing the elevator type which is backed by an established manufacturer who can provide spare parts and technical expertise.