Smart engineering, premium craftsmanship, and state of the art technology means safety will always be the number one priority. 

The Pre-engineered Range offers affordable, preselected designs and finishes, and quicker installation times without compromising on performance. 

Ideal for clients considering budget and time during the decision making process of their home build.  See our Pre-engineered brochures for more information.  

A Series Swing Door / A Series Sliding Door – Moderna Cabin

Cabin Size – 40″ x 54″ / 40″ x 46″

Drive – Hydraulic 

Stops – 2 (10 ft) / 3 (20 ft) / 4 (30 ft) 

Configuration – Single Opening

Shaft Structure – By Builder

Interior Finishes – Matte White A490PP / Matte Black N3S / Brushed Stainless Steel F41PPS

Ceiling Design – Spot LED

 Floor – By Builder 

Door – RAL Signal White 9003