Key factors to consider when buying a home elevator ?

Home elevators are no longer the ultimate luxury item, they have become more main stream than ever.

They not only create convenience for you and your family, but can add great resale benefits to your home.

To ensure that you buy an elevator best suited to you and your life style, here are some key questions you should consider:

Design and Look:

It’s not just about buying the elevator, it’s about how you can tie the elevator into the rest your existing home or new build.


Work out how much you would like to spend, which is dependent on which type of elevator you choose. Some clients may opt for sliding doors and will expect to pay a little bit for that model. Think about your needs and wants, then factor how much you are willing to spend from there.

Space and Dimensions:

This is always dependent on your homes layout and design. The next key thing is to work out what is it intended to be used for ? Some clients may need the elevator for wheel chair and would therefore need a bigger cabin. All of Elevator Boutique’s elevators are custom sized to suit to fit any type of home.

Visit a Showroom:

It is so important to try before you buy. While on paper a elevator might appear to be the same, but not all elevator are equal, make sure you experience the ride quality, touch the finishes. Know what you are getting.

If you are in the market for a home elevator , come visit one of our state of the art showrooms, our sales and design team will be more than happy to help.