Wallace ridge

Zen oasis


Located in the prestigious Trousdale Estates, this remarkable home and elevator pair is a work of art. 

The open floor plan immediately invites guests to the dining room which boasts our stunning A Series elevator adjacent to an extensive wine cellar, and cabin descends to a zen courtyard with a water feature and olive tree. 

This Moderna Cabin with ARPA Laminate, dark wall panels and flush interiors is unparalleled in its sleek design and functionality in this home. 

A Series Sliding Door Moderna Cabin

Cabin Size – 44″ x 55″

Configuration – Single Entry

Shaft Structure – Timber

Door Frame Finish – RAL 7021 Matte Smooth

Cabin Interior – ARPA 4517, RAL 7021 Matte Smooth, Mirror, Vertical Black COP