INCLUDED AS part of the massive new facilities being developed in Altona was limited mobility access between the two floors of the building. Compliant with AS1735 Parts 12 and 16 and NCC E3.6, the opposite through car E2 was installed into a glass shaft constructed by the builders.

Although the installation of the lift was an essential requirement, management chose to still make the most of the opportunity and selected high end finishes that would not only serve the purpose but would look great as well. These finishes included: polished stainless steel and transparent glass doors, both polished stainless steel and full size glass walls, polished stainless steel profiles/handrail/car operating panel and ceiling, and highly durable manufactured stone flooring.

To ensure everything being viewed from outside the shaft also looked fantastic, the running gear equipment was painted RAL 9005 and the outside of the cabin and ceiling were fitted with F41PPS skinplate cappings.

Digital position indicators were provided both inside and outside the car, as well as auditory acoustic signals, braille buttons and all other requirements under AS 1735 Part 12.