LIFT SHOP’S client base is diverse and also extends to all levels of Government, including the Law Courts in Victorian Dandenong. With travel from floor to floor being just  under 1m, our free-standing P1 was the perfect access choice. Suitable for both indoors and outdoors, all that was required was partial removal of the entry stairs at the front of the building.

The P1 comes standard with a gate at the upper landing and a motorised flap/ramp for access at the lower level which travels with the platform. It is held in stock and the standard colour is dark blue. With a load capacity of 300kg and small power requirement of only 240V 15A, it can be delivered and installed on site usually with 1-2 days.

The P1 is an economical and compliant solution that is great for short project timeframes and has very minimal associated building works.